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Make Samples in just 24 hours in India - Reeyaa Circuit

Make Samples in just 24 hours in India

manufacture your PCB in just 24 hours.

Well, there are many companies you will find to fabricate your PCB. But, only a few of them can give you on-time delivery with quality assurance and electrical testing.
How to find Better Manufacturer to fabricate your PCB?
To solve this problem and fulfill the need of customers, where you can place your order and Make Payment very easily. We have updated our Service, Production process, machinery, capability, Marketing Team, Technical team to solve queries and etc.
The flowchart also mentioned below that how you can place orders to fabricate your PCB easily. We are a professional PCB manufacturer for a sample as well as bulk quantity and We have very good exposure in PCB and having more than 15+ year’s experience in PCB Manufacturing.

We have in house PCB manufacturing facility for quick turn Prototypes & Bulk Quantity manufacturing for Single & Double Sided PCBs.

To check our Capability: – Click here

We offer different- different lead times for samples to fabricate on an urgent basis. Out of them 24 hours and 48 hours most customers prefer usually. For more, you can check Our Capability.

How you can get a Place Your order from Reeyaa Circuit & Electronics Pvt. Ltd. here is I have mentioned the steps,

Steps to place your order online

(Kindly Fill Separate forms or mention in message box for different lead times or for different requirements)
For any Other Doubts or question you can directly reach us via e-mail:- and Mo. no:- +91 7567833664

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